Week #2

January 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Waves receding from the beach create patterns in the sand as the water separates the dark and light colors and moves around detritus in its path.  The images created are ephemeral because the next wave will create another image.  The process is infinite and the opportunities endless.

The original image was altered to emphasize the dark areas, resulting in the picture shown below:

Week #2,  Beach TreesWeek #2, Beach TreesReceding water draws abstract pictures with every new wave This one was taken on the beach at Torrey Pines State Park in La Jolla, CA. These views are ephemeral; the picture must be captured before the next wave.

Weekly photos are sold at the special price of $25 for four weeks only. This picture is 13 inches by 16.25 inches.


​Since I am so fascinated with these, there will be more as I continue to take the images with each weekly trip to the beach and as I explore various methods of altering the original image.






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