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2016 Post #2

January 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In my last posting I commented that I wanted to simplify the picture in that post.  That picture was:

2016 Post #12016 Post #1

I liked the translucency of the two main blossoms but did not like seeing all the detracting matter around them.  So over the week I tried a few things to make the eye focus on the two main blossoms.  Using the "Lasso" and "Select Refine Edge" and output to  "New Layer with Mask" made it fairly easy to try different alternatives.  Here is the first alternative:

Here I painted over the background with black at around 75% opacity.  And I was still not satisfied.  So I tried another approach:

In this case the background was made totally black.  I felt like I was getting closer but was still not satisfied. So another approached brought this image:

2016 Post #22016 Post #2 This was done by applying maximum "Gaussian Blur" to the background.  And this one I like!

I also tried a version with background totally desaturated: it was really bad!

Leave me a message and tell which version you liked.

Happy shooting! 


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