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2016 Post #28

September 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm still working through the images taken during our travels in August.


At Taliesen East,  Frank Lloyd Wright's place in Wisconsin,  indoor photography was permitted during tours for the first time this year.  The caveat was that it could not be "serious photography", as the guide put it, because you had to keep up with the tour.  Hence, the afternoon was just a bit frustrating.  At any rate I noticed that Mr. Wright used a lot of shapes in his interior architecture.  What follows is an example.


This is the image I started with:

This was taken with available light.  There was no time to bracket exposures.  The table and the lamp were designed by Mr. Wright.  The juxtaposition of the round glass on the table with the square lamp base and shade caught my eye.  Unfortunately part of the picture was burned out.  And the table and lamp were showing wear.  So after cropping I patched some of the burned out area.  Then to softened detail I applied the dry brush filter.  Here is the result:

Post #28Post #28

When I rework this picture again,  I think I will use a square crop and include part of the box in the image.  What do you think?


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