Fotos by Foltz, an Image Bank of Landscape, Abstract, and Quotidian Photographs | 2017-08


February 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last Saturday some members of the North County Photographers Society went shooting at Balboa Park in San Diego.  While the original shooting target was the Air Museum, there was, as usual, a lot of other things to capture.


Since my camera does not do well at the higher iso required for indoor shooting, I went looking for photos where light was present.  Before we even went inside, the obligatory fighter plane was outside.  As I looked up at it, I realized that shapes were pleasing.  So here is what I took:

Not much of a picture!  The shapes are there but the background seriously  detracts from the image. I after selecting the background , I used gradient fill wth blue.  An overall adjustment to darken, some cropping, and there it was!  Just as envisioned when the shot was made:

2017-082017-08Abstract from shapes of a fighter plane Enjoy!



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