Fotos by Foltz, an Image Bank of Landscape, Abstract, and Quotidian Photographs | 2017-08


February 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We've been having tulips in the house lately, my favorite flower.  So I've spent some time doing stack focus pictures with varying degrees of success and failure and frustration.  Images with a greater range of color seems easier to do than ones with little color variation.  Thus the one you are about to see worked while stacking images of a yellow rose has not been successful so far. I started with a series of images taken with the camera on a tripod to insure easier stacking.  Here is an example of that series:

As you can see, the stem is in focus but not much else.  The remaining images all had different focus points.  By stacking, aligning, and blending the images, and then cropping, I was able to arrive at this:

2017-082017-08close-up of tulip center obtained by tack focusing By doing this, I am able to show texture in the petals, color at the center, and texture and color of the center flower parts.  It is a striking photo when blown up and placed on a wall.


Hope you enjoy it!


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