Fotos by Foltz, an Image Bank of Landscape, Abstract, and Quotidian Photographs | 2017 - 26

2017 - 26

July 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Still experimenting with black and white.  This time instead of using the black and white conversion  under "image adjustment" in Photoshop, I've used a Gradient Map layer.  I opened up from the dng format as an object.  This is the image at that point:

Next I applied a Gradient Map adjustment layer and began the manipulations.  Having opened the image as an object allowed me to go back to the original images and selectively darken sections of the image in order to direct the eye to the structure of the decayed material.

When I became satisfied, this is the image I had:

black and white2017 - 26Chaos and order in the desert I call it "Order and Chaos".




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