Fotos by Foltz, an Image Bank of Landscape, Abstract, and Quotidian Photographs | 2017 - 31

2017 - 31

September 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Now that is September, the beach here is getting more interesting.  There are more black grains in the sand that form different patterns as they moved about by the waves and tides.


Here is the image that I started with:

First I duplicated the original.  On that layer, using "Select by Color Range" ,I carefully adjusted range and fuzziness to get what I wanted of the blacks.  Once the selection was made, I applied a layer mask.  Then I darkened the blacks.  Next I duplicated the original again.  I used "Reselect"  and then "Inverse" to select everything but the blacks, applied the layer mask, and lightened the selection.  Recognizing the potential for a mirror image composition, I rotated the image to the vertical position, copied it, added canvas width, and pasted. "Image transform" controls were applied to match things up.  The result:\


2017 - 312017 - 31

Does it kind of look like a human with arms outstretched holding a fir tree?  Let me know what you think? 


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