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2017 - 35

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It has been a very busy time with things other than photography demanding my attention.  So it was with great joy this afternoon that I had the opportunity to review photographs from an outing a couple months ago.

In this case I began with this image and asked myself what I could do with it:

Just a simple, brightly lit leaf.  Close inspection reveals texture and line.  Since I've always been interested in mirror images, I took a square selection first.  Then I rotated to where I thought mirroring would make an interesting center pattern.  Next in Photoshop CC I "select all" and "copy".  Next to "canvas size"  doubled the width and anchored one side.  Then Z"paste" followed by the transform tool to "flip horizontal".  Essentially the process got repeated again for the resulting image and here is the result:

2017 -352017 -35 Love the pattern and peacefulness of the green.





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