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2018 - 01

January 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There hasn't been a blog entry since the end of October.  And there is a reason for that.  While my wife and I were traveling in October, she began to feel unwell.  We, as planned, returned home at the end of October.  Within 10 days the reason for her feeling unwell was diagnosed.  On November 28 she died as a result of an aggressive brain tumor.  Is it a surprise that I did not feel like putting up pictures for a while?

Now I am adjusting to life alone.  Photography is a good thing because it keeps me busy.  Plus photography colleagues has been supportive.  So here is the first picture of 2018:


2018-012018-01Christmas Amaryllis  My daughter provided an amaryllis during the Christmas Holiday.   I call this "Out of the Depths".  

This image was compiled from 20 images, stacked and blended in Photoshop, in order to obtain the depth of field desired.  It is not science fiction. It's real! 

Please enjoy and leave comments.


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